Tim Berners-Lee vindt dat Big Tech ‘zijn’ wereldwijde web heeft verpest en roept op tot regulering

Titel van en artikel op de Medianieuwsbrief.nl
Oorspronkelijke bron: https://webfoundation.org/2018/03/web-birthday-29/

Interessant oproepen tot regulering voor wat bedacht is als vrijplaats. Een voorbeeld van ‘gedwongen’ juist dat te doen (regels vastleggen) waar je eigenlijk niet aan wilde. Of is het iets dat aangeeft dat vrijheid piketpaaltjes (regel?) nodig heeft?


Karim Benammar: Reframing

Reframing is of many DIY THNK innovation tools we use in our Creative Leadership Progam, and Corporate Programs. Read more about Reframing and other tools here: http://www.thnk.org/tools-overview/

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About reframing Reframing is a key technique used in the curriculum of THNK’s Creative Leadership program. Reframing is an easy, four-step process to generate creative approaches for your own life and work. Through this online Reframing tool, the technique of reframing can be applied by anyone anywhere without prior training. The technique of reframing has been developed by philosopher and THNK faculty Karim Benammar. The methodology is rooted in the theory of paradigms by Thomas Kuhn. The methodology and its background are explained in detail in the book “Reframing / The art of thinking differently”. Reframing will take you out of your mental comfort zone, enabling you to discover new perspectives and creative solutions.If you can make yourself chuckle during the process, then you’re on the right path. Below you can see a preview of the four reframing

Step by step [Step 1: Define your core belief]

Step 2: Look for the supporting beliefs that support this

Step 3: Find the opposites of your supporting beliefs

Step 4: Summarize the opposites in a new core belief